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Did u find your Uncle ?

Sometimes it’s the vision of others but it’s you who reap the fruits. I still thank my uncle for guiding me and eventually helping me grow.

He not only pushed me to start investing at the right time, but also at the right place. I do appreciate him for turning me from other investment options into real estate and increase my profits. 19% Appreciation on a residential property in mere 3 years is not less I believe.

Now after this appreciation, he has suggested me to sale this off and re invest the same amount into another with greater chances of appreciation.

Had he not pushed me to step into this fruitful cycle, taking decisions intelligently, I would surely have not understood the actual way how money makes money. I hope you do find your uncle soon!

What Connects Us?

We as a normal beings are always looking for a connectivity, let’s say person to person, buyer to seller, builder to customer etc. We can also say that to form a bond we need to connect to others. Not only we have connectivity through emotions but also have physical connection i.e. expressways, highways, flyovers, metro lines, roads, streets, roads etc. They connects state to state, city to city, sector to sector, society to society, etc. and this all helps us to maintain a bond among each other. If we give a good view to this we can observe that government is helping all of us by building all these connectivities. It not only helped the travelling easy but also helped our country to grow. If we look in past we will find that to travel from one city another was never an easy or straight way but nowadays expressway and highways have made it easier and less time consuming. Also if we take present example of Dwarka expressway which is nearly completed and within few months it will be ready for you to move your tires on the expressway which not only a good option for those who have to travel daily from Delhi to Gurgaon but also less time consuming too. There is one more project named FNG Corridors is planed under road construction which will connects Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad.

Not only roads but also Metro lines are being built for getting rid of the pot holes and the traffic. Many new lines are introduced and still many more are in construction. If we look at the news recently magenta line became functional which runs through Janakpuri to Botanical Garden and is best route for the daily users. Also within few months an Aqua line goanna start which is 29.7 Km long and have a china style from inside, which connects Noida and Greater Noida. If we look closely these connectivities shows the development of Societies, States, Country and also people. These all are our observations, Let us know yours.

Still an Old School ?

After so long having a cup of tea with my aged father yesterday afternoon was rejoicing. Listening to his experiences is fun but yesterday, he accepted that fact that being an old school he had a simple living and had missed the luxuries we are having today.

These days Living with all the amenities makes me feel no less than being on vacation, relaxing in swimming pool on the weekends, playing lawn tennis with my son at my own place , having a miniplex in my own society assures security for my daughter as well, so undoubtedly the quality of living has upgraded into a luxurious one.

I am happy that my children are not missing these and won’t regret in their older years. I hope neither will yours!

Start Rolling !

With the announcement of Anil Ambani on Tuesday that Rcom will completely exit telecom industry and will concentrate on Real Estate in future ,it is crystalline clear that there are yet many horizons for people to expand to, with Real estate being the top most priority.

Not all are born with a silver spoon but starting from small and intelligent investments then reaping Appreciatians and reinvesting for future can surely help any company, even an individual to grow financially and open up new gates of opportunities.

At least take the first step today, a small or a big one; that is often procrastinated which needs to be taken to start rolling into the cycle of reinvestments subsequently leading to growth.

What do we have now?

For any country, its infrastructure is a matter of pride. From roadways, railways to airports and other smart-city initiatives, the last few years have witnessed a phenomenal change in the sector, leading to world-class facilities across various parts in the country. If we talk about Gurgaon, a city outside the Indian capital New Delhi, has risen from a former agricultural wasteland to a smart city. But it wasn’t the government, or even individuals, that led Gurgaon’s growth. The city was built almost entirely by private companies. It was also mentioned in NDTV on June 09 2011 “Gurgaon: A mirror to India’s growth”. That was the time when Apartment towers started sprouting like concrete weeds, and a futuristic commercial hub called Cyber City. This gave rise to a new beginning of era, which not only opened a doorway for job enthusiast but also for the business hub too.

This developed not only helped the country to grow but also provided people with various opportunities and different ways to live their life. Although it can be asked that how it helped the population of the city to grow as this only helped the business to grow. But let us look the other side of the periphery that is a business can’t grow without the customers willing to invest. If we look at the statistics, we can observe that the growth is directly influenced by the active participant of the buyer. This not only gave inspiration but also new ideas and new project which helped to grow Gurgaon, in fact whole country to grow.

Here today, Gone tomorrow !

Investing in real estate is said to be a renewable source of capital. Strategically selected real estate investments have always been a key driver of smart & early age investor’s growth.

Planning and market research is something what one needs to start from because not just investing but investing at the right time is what will fetch great returns. The value appreciations in future, of your Real estate investments made today will surely provide a secured future to your near and dear ones.

Confusions of where to invest never dwindle until a step is taken forward. There is always a bunch of opportunities waiting to be grabbed but did you look out for one ? If not today then when ?

A Move towards Growth

It is noticed that Haryana has come a long way in terms of industrial reform that facilitate investors, climbing from 14th spot in ease of doing business, in 2016 to the 3rd position this year. In this we can notice that Gurugram is one of the major city in Haryana which showed a real development in many ways. New industrial areas are been established, many entrepreneur have come to Gurugram to give start to their business plan and help the nation to grow. Many new builders introduced themselves and started their development project in Gurugram. Puri Builder gave the assurance while responding to specific request made by the Chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar to include Gurugram in the Smart city Mission. It was also announced that they are going to have many flagship mission which includes AMRUT, Smart City Mission, Swachh Bharat Mission and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

India has started his way from being called rural country to urbanization, which is itself is remarkable. And many top builders are helping to establish our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision “Make in India“.

Thus it’s a complete win-win situation for the end users.

Are you still thinking?

The launch of RERA has definitely provided more transparency & consolidation; which in turn has helped the buyers to stretch their financial limits & opt for reputed builders with good track records offering luxury amenities than mere affordable ones. Reputed builders not only assure them of timely delivery of their dream homes but also promise them value for their hard earned money.

As per a study, in India the value of loans have increased 12.90 YOY in the two weeks to August 17th 2018.The loan growth in India was averaged to 11.63% from 2012 until 2018. Thus, increased values of home loans clearly depict the eager tenderness of home buyers to elevate their limits and choose unbeaten developers. This provides them a chance to get amenities they have ever dreamt of, as well as upgrade their kid’s lifestyle to a luxurious one which they might have missed.

Thus it’s a complete win-win situation for the end users.


While buying a property, a buyer’s first concern is always about the budget. Whether it will be possible for him to buy the property with down payment or can have a loan to fulfill his dream of living in a good society with all the amenities. Recently it has been found that not only bank but builders are also helping to grant the buyer’s wish so that he need not have to kill his dream. Builders have linked themselves with many banks which makes it easy for the buyer to own his property. Many are providing Subvention plan which eventually helps to become the king of his property. And replaces the fear of down payments by an easy and affordable EMI. This solution have been liked by many buyers and now they just have pick the type of property they wish for. This shows that real-estate is not only about construction but also forming a new bond between the buyer and the seller.

At Karshni we understand the situation and go forward with a motive of providing loans to our customer, so that he can have his choice of apartment. We have linked ourselves to most of the banks. This not only take away the tension of the budget but also help to form a new bonding with our group.

Customer satisfaction is what we always stand for.

Now is the crunch time!

Smart decisions taken at the correct time to grab the best opportunities is what makes people succeed. Likewise goes investment. With the scope of unmatchable return, smart investors are the core drivers of sales of top A class developers to a higher level. Godrej Properties' sales bookings jumped over two-fold to Rs 5,083 crore during 2017-18 from Rs 2,020 crore in the previous fiscal. During the entire 2017-18 fiscal, the net profit increased by 14 per cent to Rs 234.96 crore from Rs 206.8 crore in the 2016-17. Total income increased by 41 per cent to Rs 2,390.67 crore in the 2017-18 compared to Rs 1,701.38 crore. The sale bookings of sobha has reportedly increased by 22% to Rs.762.4 Cr during Q1 clearly indicating a restoration of the real estate market. The growth of sales clearly indicates a gradual surge in the market which is undoubtedly due to far sighted investors following the old saying of strike the iron when it’s hot.


If we talk about Real-estate it is always considered as the sale market but it is the hybrid of development and upgradation. Sale is the terminology which fulfill the demand. It is said that apartments can only be afforded by rich people. But over the years it is found that it is not about how famous and rich you are. The one who can afford a home whether it is luxurious or simple takes a step and go for it. Main reason for this step is one word “Upgradation”, for which everyone is ready to evolve and want to live in a developed area.

Upgradation doesn’t mean just living but it is living and moving on with time and adapting new technology in our day to day life. Nowadays not only highend upper class or upper class people are enjoying the life of living in an apartment or a good society, but also middle class and the one who can afford are stretching themselves to give their children such good life. The only difference is that people are ready to accept the new development and wish to evolve.

It was printed in economics times on 20 September 2017. Over the past two years, the residential real estate markets in India have been passive. In Gurgaon, until the middle of 2016, the city witnessed subdued transaction activity and restricted new supply, with the demonetisation drive further impacting the market. While there were some projects in the third quarter of last year, the focus of the developers was to offload their existing inventory and complete their ongoing projects as well as deferring new project launch. It was all because of the demand which people raised even after the demonetisation and lead to such new development.

Time to Reap

The introduction of new reforms of Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) and GST after Demonetization said to have disturbed the real estate market for a short-term in the past years, but it currently has started acting like the biggest blessing ever to the real home buyers.

The subdued demand and huge residual inventory have led developers to maintain competitive prices which has given a rebirth to the real estate in the recent years.

Intelligent Potential buyers are eagerly grabbing the opportunities being offered by developers of attractive rates and extra lenient payment plans thus completely transforming the market from a seller’s into a buyer’s market, which has subsequently lead to an increase of sales of housing units by more than 15% from 43,246 units in Q1 to 49,9454 units in Q2 across Gurugram, Noida and 6 other top cities.

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Ramadan Kareem

Eid ul-Fitr will come and go what will remain is how you made your Family feel special. This Ramadan don’t just buy but save as well so that you can make your family feel special even more. Karshni Group invites you to Karshni Investment Lounge with lot of giveaways that will be cherished by your Family for years to come.

This Ramadan don’t just buy but save as well so that you can make your family feel special even more. Karshni Group invites you to Karshni Investment Lounge with lot of giveaways that will be cherished by your Family for years to come.


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